Ode to Qualtrics

I absolutely love Qualtrics! For those who do not know, it is a great online survey creating and hosting platform. Long have been the days when psychologists (and many other social scientists) have had to waste tons of paper by printing of hundreds of surveys on paper. Not only is that terrible for the environment but also it makes the process data preparation and cleaning before analysis quite the headache. With Qualtrics, it is all online so no paper is wasted and neat sheets of results can be created. You can look at a look at a specific participant’s answers for all the questions or all the answers for a particular question.

Also by having a survey online, there are whole new features available that wouldn’t be available with papers surveys. Qualtrics records exactly how long it takes people to complete the survey. (Although, this is sometimes not accurate as more and more people like to do a little, stop and do something else, come back and do a little more, then get distracted again until a survey that takes about 30 minutes suddenly takes people 6 hours to complete.) Qualtrics also has many options about randomizing order, randomly selecting a certain number of questions from a larger pool, and only showing certain questions when a particular answer has been given.

The survey I created for my study this summer is not very complex and doesn’t need many of the fancier features but I still appreciate how easy Qualtrics is to use. It is well designed and so easy to use that it actually makes creating surveys fun. Or maybe that’s just me…