When you are conducting an experiment about human social behavior a crucial requirement is having people to participant in your study. In the psychology lab I work at, we are creating a participant pool which we can draw from if they fulfill the necessary requirements of the particular study we are conducting. This is simply done by, at the end of all our studies, asking if they would to sign up for future studies. Though this we have most of the people we need. However, most of them are students and most students leave campus during the summer. So to recruit participants, I posted flyers around campus. Since we pay our participants for their time we do not have much trouble getting the people we need.

Making Progress!

Hi everyone,

After a few weeks of work, things are starting to really come together. After a lot of redos, all of the EDL muscles have been stained and measured. The staining of the Soleus muscles are still a work in progress. Last week, we got our new camera installed (the one before was a demo), so crossing our fingers, it looks like all of the equipment glitches we ran into at the beginning of summer have been taken care of, which will be handy for the start of the fall semester research. The beginning of the summer is usually full of a lot of bumps, but at this point we are all in the swing of things. We’ve also been working on cleaning up the lab to take inventory and getting rid of a lot of old chemicals that haven’t been used in years.