When you are conducting an experiment about human social behavior a crucial requirement is having people to participant in your study. In the psychology lab I work at, we are creating a participant pool which we can draw from if they fulfill the necessary requirements of the particular study we are conducting. This is simply done by, at the end of all our studies, asking if they would to sign up for future studies. Though this we have most of the people we need. However, most of them are students and most students leave campus during the summer. So to recruit participants, I posted flyers around campus. Since we pay our participants for their time we do not have much trouble getting the people we need.


  1. I have definitely seen many psychology study fliers around the ISC and dorms also. Payment is definitely an incentive for summer students and a plus for the psychology labs. However, do you think that there is any bias in the data that comes from testing on students that are on campus during the summer? One could say that the research students and summer students may be more driven than the general school population. I do understand that while there are a large number of ways psychology labs attempt to remove all biases, there is always some. Best of luck with this project!