I began excavation at the Church of the Good Shepherd site  Monday the 22nd, and will finish tomorrow.  I will spend the rest of my time here cleaning, identifying, and analyzing the artifacts I have recovered.  I put in two test units, on on the inside of the wall and one on the outside.  The first test unit, the one dug on the inside of the wall, stopped when I reached what appeared to be a prepared stone surface.  The second test unit was much deeper and ended at the base of the wall, over a meter into the ground.

Test Unit 1

Test Unit 2

The soil in test Unit 2 after about a 30 centimeters became was very soft and sandy, and very few artifacts were recovered.  However, the ones from this stratigraphic level appear to be of greater age than the other artifacts.

From research done at the Barbados National Archives, I have confirmed the area as the location of Barbados Battery.  A map produced by John Trail of the fortifications on the island showed Barbados battery as being in the same location as Church of the Good Shepherd, and the shape of the battery was also recorded. (Under the number 1.)

Barbados Battery plan

Trail’s map recorded the shapes of all the fortifications on the island, and many batteries had rounded walls in the center.  This would explain the curve in the wall, meaning that this was likely a section in the middle of the structure.