Questionnaire Development

I’m sorry the combination of intensive Swahili classes and limited internet have kept me from blogging, but I’m officially the full swing of my project it’s time for some updates. While the interview portion of my project is well underway, I wanted to take a moment to discuss the work that goes into a survey. Which after three survey projects I have found is always more than you expect.

For this project I had a full questionnaire developed when I left, but then I got an amazing contact with the SUN Secretariat (the facilitating body of the movement I’m studying) and it all went out the window.

My contact helped me to put the movement in better perspective and understand its language so that I could best communicate with my stakeholders, a few interviews in and I feel like the changes were hugely beneficial. The original questionnaire focused much more on the global SUN movement, but this movement really only facilitates in country progress on nutrition policy – so it made sense to shift the focus of my questionnaire from the principles of the SUN movement to the principles of the Tanzanian National Nutrition Strategy. This, along with the creation of the original questionnaire, required a lot of research into how the SUN Movement is structured as well as how the Tanzanian government deals with nutrition programming and policy.

In short, I sifted through document after document about how the SUN Movement facilitates the creation of in country networks and then through the National Nutrition Strategy itself. This is where the sometimes arduous process of questionnaire development becomes a great learning experience. I have so much more knowledge now about how the global SUN Movement, Tanzanian nutrition policy, and the Tanzanian government works.

Stay tuned for reflections on the scheduling and interviewing process!