Rio Grande Road Trip Part 1: Better Together?

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Time Series Analysis: Update

As I have mentioned before, I am part of a group of research students, each with their own individual projects, mentored by Professor Day and/or Professor LaMar. We all meet once a  week to hear a talk on someone’s research. In preparing for my talk, I read various articles on giving talks, most of which included the following,

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Summary of Results and Future Plans

Hello there,

It seems summer has come to an end, and a summary of my research is in order.

It was a very fast two months of research!  I certainly got a lot of work done in the lab, but I will definitely need more time to complete the entirety of the projects I’m working on.  It was definitely enjoyable working in the lab with three other lab mates and Dr. Wawersik.  After working in the lab the last two summers, I still find the research exciting as the information learned from the research in Dr. Wawersik lab on the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster,  is important for understanding how stem cells function.  Perhaps the research will one day help scientists develop stem cell therapy methods and understand cancer development.

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