Time Series Analysis: Update

As I have mentioned before, I am part of a group of research students, each with their own individual projects, mentored by Professor Day and/or Professor LaMar. We all meet once a  week to hear a talk on someone’s research. In preparing for my talk, I read various articles on giving talks, most of which included the following,

1. Determine the level of knowledge of the audience

2. Keep technical terms and unfamiliar symbols to minimum

3. When possible, relate your topic to other fields

4. Use pictures, tables, lists, models, and props, and explain them thoroughly

5. Rehearse

6. Anticipate questions and prepare responses

7. End with open problems and future work to add interest

Using these rules as guides, I began making my presentation. While putting it all together, I discovered a new direction for my project to take. I learned, firsthand, the benefits of preparing a talk. It is a great way to organize all the information gathered previously in a straightforward format. By having to describe my topic and its problems, I found new ways to think about them. Next time there is an opportunity to present my work, I will definitely use it.