After the fact review

After reaching the bottom of the wall in the second test unit, I filled both test units back in.  I washed the artifacts and with the assistance of Hayden Bassett and Maddy Gunter, was able to have them identified and recorded.  Artifacts relating to the fort’s occupation were a piece of north devonshire Stoneware, a piece of delft pottery mortared to the wall, and a few pieces of glass.  At the bottom of the wall three Amerindian pottery sherds were found.

While researching at the Barbados national archives, I found a 1740 map that shows the location and outline of all the fortifications built at the time.  By comparing this to a modern map, I was able to confirm that site was indeed Barbados battery, and the remaining wall as the side of the rounded center wall.  After taking pictures of the artifacts and recording numbers on a spreadsheet, I returned the artifacts to the Church of the Good Shepherd, who is interested in placing the artifacts in a small exhibit after renovating their property.

I would very much like to return to Barbados and continue my work next summer, as the church have expressed a continued interest in archaeological excavation.  I would also like to learn more about the remaining structure.  The wall I excavated against extends over a meter into the soil, which indicates that the foundation of the other walls are still present under the modern day parking lot.