The Future of SNA

Throughout meetings and interviews during May trip the team and I found that there has been some movement within the focus groups in Chaguite. These focus groups were a result of the sample study done by Copeland and the team 2 years before. The movement is not necessarily bad as long as the practices can still be built off the organic organization. The movement does indicate, though, that the sample study, as it was not a population study, did not paint a complete picture of Chaguite’s communication and leadership network.

My time in Chaguite this May was invaluable. I was introduced the concept of social network analysis and pursued my interest in the field. On campus, I learned from my professor and read both published and non-published material on how social network has been used and the potential of its use in the MANOS project.

Social network analysis is a resource that can measure the amount of ties existing in Chaguite’s network and possibly its change over time. The analysis done identified organic ties and thereby a means to implement practices. My next steps include furthering my knowledge of SNA by taking a course on the analysis aspect as well as working with my sub-study data as I teach myself the UCINET manual. The next step I will take with the project is a population study of the communication networks within Chaguite.