Down Time/Limited Resources

Although there was much excitement about the project I was doing during the summer, I quickly hit a wall. That wall was that the lab needed more tubes to handle all the projects at the same time. All the samples from the field were being collected in a timely fashion, counts of virus concentration were made, and DNA was filtered and frozen. After these steps, there was another set of steps which involved purifying DNA from a virus sample before sending it off for sequencing. Unfortunately, the lab was running at least three projects simultaneously, forcing us to order more tubes. They took about a week to arrive.

What do you do then? It turns out, there’s still plenty to do. In a running lab, things are usually cleaned as time goes. But there’s always more to be organized like the entire bucket of glassware that’s been sterilized, but needs to be washed out and autoclaved. Also, pipet tips need to be refilled. So lab maintenance takes a day or two. Then what?

Well, there’s always more counts to be done. Science never does sleep does it?