Finishing Up

At the end of 10 weeks of work, much progress was made. The Project I and my lab mate Jasmine Greene worked on was as complete as we could make it. We set out at the beginning of the summer with a few goals. The first was to locate a pond, and take samples from before, various points during, and after a rain event. Accomplished. The second was to create slides and count the abundance of all the samples from these. Check. Then isolate viruses from the samples. Took a while, and all of our soil filters, but check. Get RNA/DNA from these. Check. Obtain quality checks on each of these. Check. Send these off to a sequencing facility. Check.

All of our yields and purities were higher than recommended by the sequencing facility. So we sent off the final products. All of a sudden, we were done.  The once daunting checklist of things to do was complete.

photo (1)

While this may have been somewhat liberating, seeing our task finished, it was also sad. All of a sudden, we had no purpose in being in lab, and all we could do was wait for the data to come back. For the next week or so we waited for the end of the summer session, trying to make ourselves useful by contributing to other’s work. While that was fun, I just wanted to get back to working on this project. I eagerly await the return of data.