Abstract Drafting and Submission

After finishing up all our data analysis, we got to work on drafting an abstract to submit to the LSA conference in January. Regardless of whether or not our abstract gets accepted, the process of reducing our months of research into a 1-page abstract was definitely a good learning experience. I’ve never had to write a formal abstract before, so working with my advisor to decide what was most important to include was stressful at times.

Writing the abstract was also a great opportunity for me to reflect on what I accomplished over the summer. Condensing 2 months of work into a single page made me very aware of how much I had done. Our abstract gave a clear enough picture of our work, but it’d be impossible to encompass everything. The general overview was useful for an outsider, but from my perspective it seemed to exclude so much – interesting, but minor, data patterns, the process of coding, the hours spent listening to sound files… the process of converting hours and hours of work into one brief summary was definitely strange.

Preparing the abstract was not as easy as I had anticipated, but I feel much better equipped to take on a project like that in the future.