Understanding the Relationship Between Marginalization, Geography, and Social Arrangements

Hey there! My name is Brooke Huffman and I am a rising senior here at the college. This summer, working in a small community in Nicaragua, my research will focus on the relationships between marginalization, geography, and social arrangements. I want to explore how the presence of natural resources in a community affects interpersonal relationships for those nearest or farthest from the resource. Further, I would like to discern the influence of topography, terrain, and physical proximity of individuals on the social arrangements between them. My methodology will entail face-to-face interviews, social network analysis (SNA), and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data collection.

Community where research will be taking place

The community where research will be taking place


  1. dmuthappa says:

    Wow Brooke! Sounds very impressive and this knowledge will be very beneficial for Engineers Without Borders as they develop a plan for community-wide water access!