Egyptians, Democratization, and Revolution

Hi! My name is Yussre ElBardicy and I’m a rising junior majoring in Mathematics and Computer Science. I’ve always loved Egypt since that’s where my family is from and that’s where I’ve spent most of my summers. However, I only became interested in the politics of Egypt after the 2011 uprising and especially after spending my entire summer of 2013 in the midst of the coup.

In continuing my research, I plan to monitor social media as well as news coverage of what is going on by observing the attitudes of people in different sectors of Egyptian life. With family members working both in bureaucratic agencies and rural farms, the privilege of having family in Egypt gives me a unique perspective, unavailable to outsiders, and invaluable to my research. While it would all be anecdotal and informal, it would give me an idea as to how and why this coup has divided the Egyptian people, and direct the scope of my final research.

Additionally, I will begin to look into formal theory, the application of mechanical turk, and intergroup relations to try to explain the politics with numbers. For example, one question I might be able to observe would be “Given that enough ordinary people can in principle bring down a tyrant, why don’t they do it?”

I’m really excited about this summer and my research. Many thanks to Professor Tamara Sonn for all of her help and guidance — I definitely couldn’t be doing this without her!