Using HPLC-MS to identify proteins from wild type and mutant strains of Heliobactor pylori.

My name is Emily Parrish and I am an incoming senior Chemistry major and Computer Science minor completing a research project in the Chemistry Department.  My project involves the collaboration between Professor Poutsma and Professor Forsyth in the Biology Department.  The goal of our project is to identify which proteins are differentially expressed in several mutant forms of Heliobactor pylori.  Proteins will be extracted from H. pylori samples and separated using gel electrophoresis.  Individual protein bands from the gels will be excised and subjected to enzymatic digestion using trypsin.  The peptides will be analyzed using High Pressure Liquid Chromatography in conjunction with Mass Spectrometry.  By comparing the expressed proteins mutant strains versus the wild type, we hope to further our understanding of gene regulation.