Investigating Environmental Awareness at Aspen TREE

Greetings! My name is Richie Thaxton and I am a rising junior here at the College of William and Mary as well as a physics major. I have the privilege this summer to return to my beautiful home state of Colorado to conduct research at the environmentally-focused, non-profit organization Aspen TREE in order to learn how they cultivate an ecological orientation with those in, and those who work with, their organization. As it stands right now, I will be able to examine the development of ecological awareness in three different capacities: through education into environmental practices I and others working at Aspen TREE will receive, by teaching others, particularly of the younger generation, and at an administrative level.

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The Role of the Irish Film Culture in Shaping Homophobia and Xenophobia

My name is Alberta Kallon. I am a rising junior double majoring in Psychology and Film and Media Studies. My research is concerned with the role Irish film culture plays in shaping the issues of homophobia and xenophobia.  I will employ a cultural relative and holistic approach, using the Irish film culture as a text and basis for my research on these contemporary issues. The Irish Film Institute and the Irish Film Board are two institutions that will give me an overview of the Irish film culture; therefore I will be spending about a week at both institutions, talking to their staff and members. In addition, I will be attending a few film festivals like the Galway Film Festival in Galway, Corona Film Festival in Cork and the Finghal Film Festival in Dublin.  Through these film festivals I hope to learn about the way Irish people interact with and respond to both Irish and international films that deal with issues of race and sexuality. By combining all the data from the film institutions and film festivals, I hope to not only learn the role of film in reproducing these social issues, but also how film can be utilized to eliminate the very same issues.

Creating a More Inclusive Democracy

Hello there,

My name is Emily Wasek, and I am a rising sophomore, a prospective International Relations major, and as of this past 2014 Virginia gubernatorial election, a proud voter. Since childhood, I always have been fascinated by the electoral process and all of  its intricacies: the polls, the ballots, the popular vote, and the electoral college. Yet through my involvement in social justice, I have been exposed to the harsh reality that not all Americans are granted the ability to partake in this vital constitutional right.

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