Self-Efficacy and Dengue Prevention

Well… those few weeks certainly did fly by. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the time has come to depart for la República Dominicana. Tomorrow, my two wonderful teammates and I fly out for SDQ International Airport. But we have not been sitting around twiddling our thumbs, not in the slightest.

The past few weeks have been filled with meetings, Skype calls, and seemingly constant emails. During our time in the community of Esfuerzo de Paraiso, we will not only be conducting the interviews for our respective proposals (mine being the Dengue and Self Efficacy Interviewing, see abstract), but we will also be running community meetings, Block Group meetings, and Task Group meetings. The three of us have collaborated with our team’s always helpful advisor, Dr. Aday, to reach a point where all three of our various protocols are ready to be tested in the community. The three of us have also been fortunate enough to collaborate with a SOMOS alum, who will be assisting with this summer’s in-country work.

As far as my individual progress goes, here’s the run down:

Due to the nature of the interview and the combination of other interviews that must be conducted this summer, the Dengue Health Promotion interviews will be administered to a randomized sample of community members. Ideally, the sample will include 27 houses, of the 90 in the community. The sample was chosen by randomly selecting a number from 1-90. The number drawn was 47. Then, using a map of the community with numbered, unnamed households, I started at house 47 and selected every third household on the numbered system. In the end, 30 houses were selected. These 30 will be given the Dengue Health Promotion interview, and as a team we have decided that up to 3 selected households can be excluded- accounting for emptied households or lack of participation.


Map of Esfuerzo – compiled by the SOMOS Data Task Group

 After several drafts, the interview has been finally been composed – although it is subject to change, once tested on a community member. The final interview includes 10 questions, some with several parts. In drafting the questions, the following were taken into consideration as components of data that should be extracted from the responses:

  • Beliefs about health risks of Dengue
  • Beliefs about health benefits of preventing Dengue
  • Beliefs about self-efficacy
  • Beliefs about outcome expectations (costs and benefits of different health behaviors)
  • Beliefs about facilitators for change
  • Beliefs about impediments to change
  • (Constructed after analysis of several papers from Albert Bandura – see “Guide for Constructing Self-Efficacy Scales”)

After first putting together a series of Likert-scale questions, a series of both scaled and open ended questions has been put together – which will hopefully yield the quality and quantity of information necessary for SOMOS and the Comité de Salud to move forward with the Dengue Campaign.

A meeting with the Comité de Salud has been set up for this Friday, where we will hopefully discuss the interviews, invite members to an interview, and discuss the progress the Comité has made on the project on their own.


While this has all been prep-work, it has been a long process that has yielded exciting results. Hopefully, when we get to the community on Friday we can hit the ground running and get the SOMOS Summer 2014 Trip running.


More to come soon! ¡Hasta pronto!