Milkweed Summer Research Week 1

Milkweed Set-Up

Above is the set-up for my greenhouse experiment for the summer, in its preliminary stage. There are a total of 18 tubs of milkweed at high and low densities, my next step for these guys is to build cages for them with netting and PVC pipe. I was so happy to see them growing so well and looking so healthy. A huge thanks to Patty White-Jackson for watering them during my two weeks off after the end of the semester! This week we spent some time looking at the field sites we will be utilizing in the Williamsburg area for natural populations of milkweed and practicing techniques for data collection and observation. This was my first time actually observing milkweed out in the field for research, I’ve seen it before but I am so looking forward to field work with the plant ecology crew this season! One thing I noticed that was different about my greenhouse plants and the field plants was (apart from the size, the field plants are much older than my baby plants) the color of the leaves, which were paler in the natural populations. It may be a bit early to tell since the greenhouse plants are so small, they may get paler as they age, for now I am just excited that they are healthy!