A Virtual Trip Across America

Hello, everybody. I hope that this past Memorial Day weekend each of you had the chance to relax and took a moment to appreciate our troops. While many Americans were traveling across the country for Memorial Day celebrations, I was completing a virtual trip of my own.

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Dengue and Self-Efficacy: Interviews Begin, CDS Meeting Happens

After spending the past few days working in the community the SOMOS summer team has set some lofty goals but I truly believe that the team has risen to the occasion. During our time here, we have ran trouble-shooting interviews (which have provided us with sufficient information as to how to edit the questions so as to be understood by respondents), held a community wide meeting, and held a meeting of the Comité de Salud (Health Committee).

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Attitudes Towards College Students with Autism


My name is Rose Braue and I am a rising senior and psychology major. While I have had previous research experience this past summer at a university in New Jersey where I live, this will be my first time conducting research for William & Mary. One of the main reasons I choose William & Mary was because of its excellent hands-on psychology research opportunities, so I am excited to take advantage of this research opportunity with autism this summer!

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Self-Efficacy and Dengue Prevention

Well… those few weeks certainly did fly by. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the time has come to depart for la República Dominicana. Tomorrow, my two wonderful teammates and I fly out for SDQ International Airport. But we have not been sitting around twiddling our thumbs, not in the slightest.

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Getting Ready for Data Collection: Building a Gaming PC

For those of you who are not familiar with my summer research project, here is a brief description:

This project analyzes how gender plays a role in gameplay and players’ experiences in story-based role-playing video games in which the gender of the main protagonist is optional. Three sources of data on gender will be gathered for a thorough analysis of gender portrayal in these video games: the game developers, the video games themselves, and the players of these games. The first portion will look at the game developers’ interviews and marketing. The second will gather data from the games in the sample. Data from five video game series will be collected by the researcher via capture software. Data collection will occur with playing through each game two times; one as the male option and one as a female option. The last portion of data collection will be gathered through interviews with students at the College of William and Mary who have played the video games in the sample or games similar to them. After data collection, analysis, and conclusions have been completed, a web series about my project will be written, filmed, edited, and uploaded onto YouTube to spread my findings to the greater public. The goal of this project is to reveal gender stereotypes in video games and to work towards creating a more gender equal industry.

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