Research progress for summer 2014

My research has been steadily progressing this summer. For the first few weeks in lab I made sure that all the solutions that I will need were prepared and ready to use. I also made sure that all the materials I will need to begin my experimentation on cells were readily available. So far, my experiments are straightforward in the sense that I am following a very organized repeatable procedure. For example, for step one I grow the cells I am using to a high density; for step two I then transfer the cells to a set of plates where I can isolate and experiment on them; for step three, after experimentation, I then look at them through a  microscope to see the results of my experimentation.

My lab environment is very focused and filled with people who are dedicated to their work. My experience in lab so far has been a positive experience, and my lab members have all been happy to assist me in any questions I may have regarding navigating around the lab.

So far, this concludes my brief update of my research progress. I hope to update you more in the future regarding my discoveries!

-Thanks for reading!