Greetings from Dar Es Salaam!

Hello again!

I has been a while since my last post, but things are finally starting to get interesting on the Kidogo Kidogo cell phone project. I arrived in Dar Sunday night, and after spending Monday acquiring a phone and internet, getting my bearings, etc., I met with our connection at REPOA, the data collection organization that will be implementing our surveys, yesterday and was surprised and encouraged to find out that our baseline survey had already been translated to Swahili and was ready to be uploaded to our tablets for use in the field.

After a long night and an even longer morning, I have gotten the translated survey uploaded onto our devices and it is running smoothly. Tomorrow I will be working with our team of enumerators to ensure that they can navigate the survey on the tablets and to review the questions so we know nothing was lost in translation. The team will practice giving the surveys, and will hopefully be all set to go first thing next week. We are still waiting on a final list of eligible women to participate in the study from FINCA, but we are hopeful that we will also have that by week’s end. Smooth sailing so far, but keeping our fingers crossed!

Till next time,

-Tim Wright