The sublime experience, post 2

Project: to articulate and express the sublime feeling via experimental short film. Abstract here.

Gustave Doré’s illustration of Dante’s Paradiso, canto 31.

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Slow and Steady Wins the Race

After finishing cleaning all of my data, I have gotten a draft of my literature review! I found reading the literature and writing the lit review to be one of my favorite parts of my project so far. It was nice to read literature from a wide variety of fields; from more dense papers about the benefits and limitations of qualitative research methods, to some very interesting studies about newspaper endorsements of candidates in elections. I tried to write the draft of my lit review in a more general style, making sure to cover all of my bases. As my project moves forward and my research question becomes more refined and defined, I will go back to narrow my lit review down to provide an in depth more focused look at the specific issues raised in the literature about my research question.

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Projects of Historical Memory in Cádiz

On Sunday, I returned home from Cádiz, Spain after having experienced a multitude of once in a lifetime adventures. Some of the most inspiring, serious, and thought provoking moments of my study abroad came while I was working on my research project and while discussing the legacy of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) with the diverse assortment of individuals I met in Spain. I attended documentary screenings about a recent exhumation of a mass grave at La Sauceda, interviewed a historian, and traveled through Cádiz with Professor Cate-Arries observing how modern Spaniards remember and commemorate their past. I heard a member of the audience at the documentary say that equally as important as the disinterment of the remains is the “recovery of the ideas of these bones.” I saw flags of the II República waving over buildings dedicated to historical memory. The flag of the government that ruled Spain in the early 1930s, only to be overthrown by Franco, is now a powerful symbol. My host parents in Cádiz told me that they couldn’t understand why anyone bothers to study the Spanish Civil War because it’s over, a part only of Spain’s distant past.

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