Dear Diary: A Victory!

Dear Summer Blog Post,

When we last talked I complained about the woes of having bad competent cells with which to make protein(unsuccessfully). That problem has been rectified and science and results can continue. And so they do!

This week has had a number of promising results thus far! With the cells fixed, I have finally been able to express my proteins of interest (in this case green fluorescent protein). This GFP with the unnatural fluorotyrosines inserted have then been tested for their fluorescence using the fluorimeter. Day one of this appeared to give promising results of a change in fluorescence due to pH, but yesterday’s was a bit confusing. We believe that this is just due to instrument inconsistencies.

The most exciting results so far have been with the Glaser-Hay reactions. In these we are coupling two alkynes together using a copper catalyst. From the gels that we have run, it appears that this coupling is actually occurring between our protein and the associated alkyne-compound. While more experiments are needed, these results are promising. If all continues, the Glaser-Hay could be another mechanism of drug delivery.

However, one day brings results and the next disappointments. A number of my other experiments (like the microwave PCR) are still not giving back promising results. So it looks like another week of trouble-shooting for next week, but at least I have these couple of victories to keep me going!

Until next time!