IAT Study

Hello everyone!

I am checking in from the Social Cognition Lab in Tyler Hall. This past week or so has been a busy one for me.

In my last post I was discussing the Oddball study and doing some data coding for that. Recently I have actually switched gears and been helping out with the IAT study. This has been a really interesting experience since I have the opportunity to actually run participants. Being taught all the precursors and necessary steps to ensure standardization of the study was a little intimidating at first. A small mistake could turn into a huge one and affect the integrity of the study. Previous to running participants I received my CITI training certificate, which entailed that I take an online training module that taught me all the necessary steps on how to test human participants in the correct form. At first I was nervous running the participants myself, but after the first couple I got into the routine of it and running participants came much easier.

The IAT study is an interesting study exploring social cognition processes. We use two measures: a simple computer task followed by a serious of questionnaires. The task measures response rate to take a look at certain implicit biases people have that they don’t explicitly state in the questionnaire. We have actually just finished running participants (I ran over 35 these past few weeks) and should begin the process of cleaning up the data and then analyzing the results. I am looking forward to seeing the kind of results we find. Thanks for reading!