After reading the first paper to begin my preparation for my study. My jaw dropped to the ground. My brain is doing jumping jacks trying to understand all the dense information carefully placed in published papers. After two weeks of reading papers to prepare for the lab aspect of the project, I now go Germany to make everything work. I am here in Frankfurt, arrived this morning and I will travel down to Freiburg by train to start work in the afternoon. WOOO. I will be learning, taking notes and setting up my experiment. It finally all comes together. It is really thrilling to see all that I have learned in class  in action in past papers. From the moment I learned about epigenetics in Molecular Biology, I fell in love. A big shout out to all my professors at W&M for their inspiring lectures!!!  

I know that it is what I want to research in the future, but to have to opportunity here and now, is something incredible. I love it and cannot believe how lucky I am to be researching the epigenome. I cannot begin to describe the feeling. Thank you for this chance, I will be updating you from Freiburg.