Reading about Mass Spectrometry

During the days of waiting for the mass spectrometer to be fixed, I learned a lot about the purposes for our experiment. Upon reading several articles, I learned that finding the proton affinity of different compounds is crucial as it is one of the most fundamental  properties in chemistry. In addition, dimerizing is a form of non-covalent bonding of two compounds through a hydrogen bond. We only use references that have one basic site so that we know where they protonate. In order to find the relative proton affinity of our analytes, we must know the absolute proton affinity for our references.  These are usually obtained using the equilibrium method.  In my reading, I learned the many different ways to measure proton affinities including equilibrium, the kinetic method, and the bracketing method. As our analytes are non-volatile, we are forced to use the kinetic method.