Checking in


I am shocked how fast time has flown by! The past week I have been just finalizing the Oddball task to get it ready to run participants in the fall. I will be running two versions of the task (A and B), and even though I have already coded the A version I needed to go through and randomize the B version so we can randomly assign participants to one version or another. This is to ensure test validity and to make sure we have the most accurate results possible.

Now since the Oddball task is programed and ready for the fall for the next several days I will be learning how to code tasks to be able to collect EEG data as well , so we can take a look at the physiological aspects of participants’ results.

Also on a positive note, I am very excited to have my grant proposal accepted! In the last blog post I wrote about how I learned to write up a proposal and all the steps that go into getting funding for a specific study. It was a great experience and now I am looking forward to the fall where I can continue to learn more and progress the various studies I have been working on this summer.