Final Results

Hello everyone!

I can’t believe this is my last blog post. These past couple weeks have been very productive and I feel like I am ending on a good foot. I have worked on data cleaning and coding – two processes which can be daunting but are very essential to the research process and getting the best results possible.

We were finally able to analyze the results from the IAT study and looked at some interesting findings. Overall, the subjects of the study were found to have a moderate amount of implicit bias against autistic individuals. More specifically, subjects who reported more autistic behaviors (via the Autism Quotient) were found to have less implicit bias against autistic individuals. Additionally, participants who were found to have greater implicit bias towards autistic individuals reported a higher desire for personal distance from autistic individuals. This was found using the SATA, or Society’s Attitudes Towards Autism Scale.

What I have been working on this last week includes getting the lab and certain studies ready for running participants in the fall. As I reported in the last blog post, I have finalized the Oddball task – which will ready to go once break ends. Also, we are combining various tasks such as the Flanker, Oddball, IAT, and Visual Search tasks into a single E-Prime program in order to be able to run participants again, except this time around will be collecting EEG data. This will allow us to not just collect reaction times but also look at physiological aspects. Essentially this will allow us to take results to the next level. This process comprised of us making a single coding system with specific codes for every condition and response in each of the different tasks.

This summer has been such a great opportunity and I feel like I have gotten so much out of the experience. In the lab we have finished everything we have hoped to accomplish and more. I will continue to work in the laboratory this fall and further advance the studies we have been working on. Both my fellow research assistant and I had our grants accepted and are excited to continue to work together after the summer break.