Summer Reflections

In reflection of all that has happened this summer, I’ve realized that the past 10 weeks have gone by incredibly quickly.  Overall, I was able to test samples from four different gels and find a plethora of peptides and subsequent proteins.  In addition, I learned a lot about the other projects we are doing in the lab, like our kinetic method projects for finding proton affinity of unnatural amino acids.  We also flowing afterglow mass spectrometer up and running and taking data, something that has not been attained in our lab for several years.  There was a lot of progress in both my project and the others in our lab, despite the power outage and lost weeks.

I have to say that the most valuable skill that I’ve been able to take away from this summer is how the world of scientific research truly works.  There are days of setbacks and other days of progress, and many in between.  There is a lot of reading and down time and learning, even if it’s not about your project and it’s just about understanding something new.  Most importantly, it’s about really understanding the science that you are doing rather than following a procedure, because that is the only way that you actually can progress.