Wrap Up

This last week was eventful in that a few things were discovered about my project. One ligand variation yielded a proton NMR very similar to a starting material, and this led Dr. McNamara and I to conclude the ligand never synthesized. Because of this, I complexed this particular starting material with iron to see if I indeed had a failed synthesis. In addition to this, the primary ligand variation I ran electrochemistry tests on acted differently in a glove bag that was designed to create an air-free environment. I am not sure yet what this means for the reactivity, but the best part of this experiment was the complex did not decompose after almost an hour and a half! Hopefully this signals good things for the research during the year.

To recap the past two months, I synthesized a variety of ligands based on a previous one done by another student. Each of those ligands were tested for successful synthesis using an NMR instrument. Once the ligands were successfully synthesized, they were complexed with iron and I attempted crystallizations with them all. If crystals of the iron-ligand complexes formed, then they were either used for x-ray diffraction or electrochemistry tests to verify the complex structure, as well as how they react to acid. For the future, more tests on these ligands are going to be run to compare how catalytically active they are. All in all, the research done this summer was incredibly fun despite the challenges and necessary late-night experiments. In addition to learning much more about laboratory techniques and chemistry, I appreciate the bonds formed between the other lab members and myself over the past ten weeks. Thanks to the Charles Center for giving me this opportunity as I discovered new things about chemistry and myself.