…And We’re Still Writing…

As you may have surmised from the title of this post, I am still working on my final paper. With a solid first draft, I am currently editing and formatting my introduction and conclusion, as well as fleshing out my footnotes. These footnotes are quickly becoming a labor of love, full of effort but surprisingly fascinating to craft. As the summer begins to draw to a close, my work begins to draw to a close as well, but I am finding that there is always further research that can be done. Every question or hypothesis verified leads to another vein of history or Classics as yet unknown to me. Many of these veins are turning out to be related to my research and so I am attempting to learn where to draw the line on how far I can take these tangents. It seems that finding and sticking to a focus is more difficult than expected. However, I am confident that as I create the second draft of the compilation of my research I shall be able to produce a focused and comprehensive paper.

Fortunately for me, the resources and knowledge this research has required, and the questions and curiosity that have arisen because of it, can be satisfied at Swem library. Even more fortunate for me, in less than a week’s time I will be in direct proximity to Swem again, and perhaps the knowledge it holds may help me continue my research even longer than this summer.


  1. sntrackenberg says:

    Mary, I was fascinated following your research this summer. It was really interesting to see how you not only went to a foreign country for your research, but you brought that knowledge home to do a great deal of your work at home and writing your paper. Did you feel as though it was beneficial to go to the area in Italy where you did, or would you have been able to get a similar amount of research done through sources such as books, articles, and media? How did you intertwine what you saw abroad with what you learned in your research at home?