The Quest for a Better Setup: Part Two

Buying the filter was fairly straightforward and we already had a peristaltic pump. Smooth sailing there.

The trouble came with filtering soil virus concentrates.  Last summer, I used individual .22 micron 47mm Millipore filters to deal with my viral concentrate.  It took hours.  It was miserable.  It didn’t feel like a good way to do things.  It was concluded that I needed a filter with a greater volume capacity and a closed system.  Finding the right tools for a job that hasn’t been done before can be really difficult. When we found a good style of filtration, we found that it took weeks to get all of the parts in.  And then we had to figure out how to best make this filtration work for us. What volume we could add to the filter cartridges without compromising efficiency, what size of filters we needed before we could do the fateful .22 micron filtration…

It took a month to get to a point where I could actually start my experiment, even though I’d been working on my project since the first day of summer.