Plans for research going forward

Well, the summer is nearly over. Classes start in one week, and that means that I will once again be enrolling in GOVT 394 and continuing my research throughout the school year. Over the summer I made some incredible progress in moving my project along. I plan to take this momentum with me as I move into the school year.

For the upcoming semester, my goal is fully know my data set inside and out. This will require me to continue to build my skills using R. As I begin to uncover all of the intricacies of my data I will be able to determine which newspapers have the most variation in their use of conservative and liberal keywords. From this variation I should be able to narrow my focus to look at a smaller collection of individual newspapers from Massachusetts, Florida, and Texas.

Depending on the progress that I make on my individual project over these next two semesters, I may decide to turn this project into an honors thesis, however that is a blog post to tackle at a much later date.

Of course, in addition to my individual project I will continue working in the SNaPP lab, and our wonderful new lab space in the basement of Blow Hall. I look forward to meeting our new Obamacare team group members and, helping to show them the ropes of the research we have been doing as a team. Working with the Obamacare team will certainly help with the work on my individual project, as my group members and I are able to compare ideas and discuss our plans moving forward as a group, I’m sure I will be able to intertwine my work with the Obamacare team with my individual project.

Overall, my project was certainly not something I could have tackled in just five weeks of full time research. The more I have worked on it, the more I have learned about the research process as a whole. One key lesson learned over the summer was patience, and this will certainly be applicable as I move onwards with research in the future.



  1. Hello! I’ve been following your research and I really find the topic interesting. Not enough people look at the huge amount of bias in our media, nonetheless analyze data on liberal and conservative buzzwords. As someone who struggles to find a credible news source, I urge you to continue forward in your research. It’s honestly gotten to the point where I rely on satirical comedy shows (Last Week Tonight with John Oliver) to get my news because I trust him to tell it like it is more than big name news companies (CNN, MSNBC, and FOX News)! Keep moving forward and I am interested to hear your progress in the future.