Writing an Article

As a summary for my summer research, I wrote an article to submit to a research journal. The writing process did not take as long as I expected because I was so familiar with the information. I did have to spend quite a few days deciding which data to include. I couldn’t publish a graph of every single species change, so I had to decide which graph summarized each individual process the best. The most difficult part was reading through all the requirements of the particular journal I chose and making sure my paper, figures, and references were all in the correct format. The first journal I selected got back to me within 24 hours and said that the subject was not relevant to their target audience, but I reworked the formatting and submitted it to a different, less specific journal. This time, it took about 10 days for an editor to get back to me. This second journal accepted the article for peer review, and now I am waiting to hear back from them again with a final word on whether it’s been accepted as well as any corrections from the peer reviewer. I am so excited to share my research with a wider audience!