Summer Summary

This summer was tremendously productive for me. I coded my lab’s modeling process into MATLAB, which can analyze data in more sophisticated ways than our old program. This allowed me to tweak some methods in order to find a more accurate way of looking at treatment effects. I then created a tutorial for future lab members that introduces MATLAB and coding principles as well as provides detailed instructions on how to mathematize a model using biochemical systems theory. I created a poster that neatly summarizes my findings regarding insulin signaling in Parkinson’s disease. Finally, I wrote up my findings and submitted my paper to a journal. I even began to work on my next project! For my honors thesis, I plan on studying insulin signaling in neurodegeneration. Over the next year, I’ll create models of insulin signaling in Alzheimer’s disease and Huntington’s disease as well as Parkinson’s. The last week of summer work I was able to get a start on forming a qualitative model of insulin signaling and Alzheimer’s.


  1. Denise Lee says:

    That is amazing that you created a tutorial for MATLAB as I know many researchers use this program. I have always been interested in Parkinson’s disease as one of my relatives has it and am interested on your progress in research! Keep up the excellent work!