Wrapping Up

By the end of the summer, I grew more comfortable running my data through R and setting up graphs using R. I have a working draft of a literature review and a number of article summaries to draw on in the upcoming year.  I have not yet begun any statistical analysis of my data, but I do have a number of histograms of word distributions at the national and state level.  This is helpful for seeing exactly how many times a word or phrases was mentioned at least once in an article.  I am excited to continue to create new charts and graphs to help others better visualize my data.

While abroad in England, I also began developing plans for the upcoming semester.  Professor Settle and the other Obamacare and Media and Public Opinion team member, Will Evans, and I started discussing other potential ways to interact with and analyze the information we have collected thus far.  As a person who becomes easily excited over new potential projects and ideas, I have found that one of my major challenges is keeping my expectations in check with what I can actually accomplish in my last year at William & Mary.  However, with the help of our new team members, I can’t help but become excited for the research possibilities ahead.