Research in England: A Different Perspective

While for the first half of the summer I was working on my research project for the SNaPP Lab, the second half of the summer I was in Cambridge, England with the W&M program.  It was an interesting transition to go from spending most of my time reading scholarly articles and working on graphs in R to living, traveling and studying with 47 other William & Mary students!  Our program took place at Christ’s College, a college within Cambridge University founded by Lady Margaret Beaufort in 1209.  I didn’t think I could find a place more in tune with local history than W&M, but I think Christ’s College may have us beat in that department!

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Probs Discounting : Choosing a Reward

Hey Everyone!

I hope you’re all glad to be back!

A couple more updates on how my research is turning out:

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To The Finish Line: Testimony as a Subversion of Literature and History

With every end there is an obligation to reflect on what has passed, on how I’ve changed during my brief yet wild quest for knowledge. But as I write this post hidden away in the confines of a cozy dorm, the same one in which I recorded my first tentative notes about Historic Memory, I find that I’ve very much come full circle. An academic purgatory of sorts between the exhilarating rush of the new semester and the rewarding trials of summer. In these past six weeks, I’ve worked on transcribing testimonies from small towns in southern Spain, from second-hand victims of Franco’s regime and the Spanish Civil War, in addition to subtitling a portion of the documentary La Sauceda, de la utopía al horror, which I’ve posted below for convenience. Yet in my attempts to answer my initial questions about the morality of memory, the stagnant and self-mutilating nature of trauma, and the problematic linear model of history, I’ve become just as confused now as I was from the start, perhaps the only difference being details and personal investment. For every truth uncovered, another is yet to be seen, and I’m still only at the beginning. Or more accurately, I’ve returned to the beginning, the very basis of this entire project: the testimony.

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Efficiency vs Time Distribution

My entire proposal is centered around the idea that scribing programs will allow free clinics to be more effective in their mission to provide quality patient care while also serving as many patients as possible. However, an important aspect which must be highlighted is the fact that scribing programs in no way make the clinical structure more streamline or effective. In reality, they redistribute time, allocating time to providers during patient visits while having scribes and administrative figures shoulder more of the work and ultimately the scribing error safeguards that go along with it.

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Ad infinitum

I have not touched my project since mid-July due to other pursuits, but I have been asked every day this week what I did with my summer. I will post, more or less, what I tell people who ask me that.

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