Probability Discounting: Finally Choosing a Reward

Hi Everyone!

Great news: the rats have made their way through the practice trials and we are now about to collect useable data!

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Partial Results From Summer

I haven’t posted my summary blog of this past summer until now because I have been communicating with my professor and other members of the research group, as I tried to make sure the results that I am about to publish are ready for public. I know when I posted my first blog, I talked about the topic of my research, which was Interfacial Characterization of Graphene/Polyamide Nanocomposites. It focused on understanding the interaction of graphene oxide (GO) and polyamide (PA) as materials for nanocomposites. I mentioned that the fundamental features of the interface could be very significant for future research on optimal selection of materials, as well as incorporation, for graphene/polymer nanocomposites.

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Kidogo Kidogo: the lost files

Hello again!

Despite being back in the US for 2 months now, I realized as I was wrapping up some follow up to our pilot that I never posted a couple of my blog posts due to challenges with my internet modem and a hectic closing week in-country. Well, better late than never – enjoy!

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Final thoughts and thanks

For my final Charles Center blog post, I’d like to invite you to check out my Medium blog post on my experience as an AidData Summer Fellow at UNICEF Uganda. You’ll see lots of pictures and some of my takeaways from working on data in the field.

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Mountains Beyond Mountains: Data Analysis

Back on campus, the mountain of data analysis that has to be done continues to grow. Between the water resource interviews and social network analysis data, I’ve spent over 24 hours just trying to transcribe the remaining interviews and code the responses in a logical fashion. The codebook is in its early stages, but it is off to a good start. Now to teach myself SPSS and UciNet (SNA software), and a little bit of GIS…

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