I wanted to post some images of my IF experiment. The computer is not liking that too much so I will just save that for later in September for my poster presentation. Instead here are my conclusion and what was accomplished during this study. THANK YOU. I have learned so much and this opportunity without a doubt will help me in my future career as a biomedical scientist.

This research aimed to provide a deeper understanding of the Heat shock response, HSR, in HeLa cells, in particular the localization of VCP and CHIP proteins upon heat shock. The purpose was to provide more evidence to support hypothesis that the proteins translocate into the nucleus upon HS.  During the experimental study, a combination of Western Blot and Immunofluorescence was utilized. Major tasks accomplished during the study include: (1) optimization of imaging conditions with dyes, antibodies, HS duration, (2) establishing that CHIP and VCP are present in large quantities in HeLa cells during basal conditions due to perhaps cell type, or other cell stresses, (3) studying a potential cell signaling between HeLa cells that may or may not be extracellular Hsp70.

Furthermore, the images obtained during the IF experiment need to go through quantitative analysis in order to provide experimenter with more information about localization. Although a lot of studies were conducted during this short time, more carefully performed experiments need to be conducted to determine the reason for such large quantities of VCP and CHIP of  HeLa cells in the nucleus at basal conditions.





Thank you to Dr Ritwick Sawarkar and Dr Fernando Aprile for their help throughout the project. Further thanks goes to the rest of the Sawarkar group for their additional support.