Abstract: Associations Between Mycorrhizal Fungi and the American Chestnut Tree

Hello Everyone!

My name is Rachel Reeb. I am a rising sophomore at the college, and an intended biology/ environmental science double major. This will be my first summer conducting research for the college, and I am incredibly excited to get underway! I will be doing research in Harmony Dalgleish’s plant ecology lab, and am studying how¬†mycorrhizae originating from various plant communities affect the biomass of chestnut seedlings during their first few months of growth, and how the presence of competing plant species effect mycorrhizal colonization and biomass in chestnuts during growth.

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Abstract: A Novel Use of TLC-SERS to Detect Fugitive Blues and Yellows in Historic Paintings

Hey there!

My name is Mary. I’m a rising senior at the College majoring in chemistry. This is my first summer doing research here in Williamsburg and I’m incredibly excited to continue the work I’ve been doing over the last year. ¬†Over the next few months, I’ll be expanding on my work in art conservation and pigment identification.

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Abstract: Public Programming, Outreach, and Arts Education at the Getty Museum

Hello everyone!

My name is Claire Tinsley and I am a rising senior art history major here at the College. I’m incredibly excited to be a recipient of the Woody Internship in Museum Studies, which means I will spend my summer out in Los Angeles, California interning at the J. Paul Getty Museum. This is hugely exciting for me, as I have wanted to work in a museum environment for a long time and I believe this experience will help me reach that goal.

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