Abstract: The Effects of SUMO Modification on TR and Nuclear Dynamics

Hello everyone! My name is Amanda Back and I am a sophomore here at the college! I am working in Dr. Allison’s research lab in the molecular biology department and our lab focuses on the localization and function the the Thyroid Hormone Receptor (TR) within the cell.  TR plays many roles in the body, some of it’s main functions being regulation of metabolism and heart rate, and also plays a role in hypo/hyperthyroidism.

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Inhibiting Axon Degeneration in Avian Neurons – Abstract

Hello! My name is Samantha Collins and I am a rising senior at the College. I’m a Biology major and a Public Health minor and I’m planning to go to medical school after taking a gap year. My project is a continuation of what I have been learning in Dr. Buchser’s lab about neuronal degeneration.

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Paddlefish filter-feeding techniques: influences on conservation and industrial filtration

This summer, I will be researching the mechanisms that paddlefish, an endangered species,use to filter-feed. To do this, I will use preserved paddlefish and a new recirculating flow tank already present in Dr. Sanderson’s lab. The paddlefish have been attained from a paddlefish aquaculture facility, where they are grown for their roe and meat. I will position the paddlefish with its mouth open in the flow tank, and let water flow through its mouth. I will drop beads of rhodamine dye into the water, and film its movement through the paddlefish’s mouth with a high speed camera. Along with beads of dye, I will use particles of different sizes to observe which pass through the gill rakers and which are caught. By tracking the movement of the dye and particles, I will be able to determine whether paddlefish use cross-flow filtration or dead-end sieve filtration, which is not yet known. This new knowledge will help paddlefish aquaculture increase efficiency by using food of the correct size and density to feed the paddlefish. Increased aquaculture will take pressure off wild populations, which are being fished to extinction. Exploring new ways of filtration, such as cross-flow filtration, will also help increase the efficiency of industrial filtration.

Abstract: Study of Godey’s Lady’s Book & its Editress, Sarah Josepha Hale

Hey there, my name is Katianna Tron and I am a rising Senior here at William and Mary. I am majoring in English and minoring in Psychology, and am using this Summer to do research in preparation for my Honors Thesis in English.

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Abstract: The Intersection of Incarceration, Motherhood, and Recidivism


My name is Sarah Perry and I am a rising senior here at The College. I am a double major in Psychology and Sociology, and my particular interests are in criminology, and intervention psychology. I started working in the Healthy Beginnings Project Research Lab in the Fall semester of my junior year. Though I was late to the research game, I quickly fell in love with the work that they do in the lab. Healthy Beginnings is a lab run by Professors Danielle Dallaire and Catherine Forestell and staffed with an amazing graduate student, Caroline Kelsey, as well as a few other undergraduates. The lab works with pregnant incarcerated women from correctional institutions in the area to administer counseling, provide prenatal vitamins, promote healthy eating habits, and support their participants through their release back into society. One of my duties in working in the lab was to follow up with the women to see if any were released from jail or had recidivated (reoffended) and been sent back to jail. I started wondering if there were any similarities amongst the women who did recidivate, and this summer I plan on delving deeper into that curiosity.

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