Cuban-Angolan Relations

This prospective project will focus on the analysis of over 2,500 pages of previously classified documents that were made public in November 2013 under the Freedom of Information Act by the National Security Archive in Washington, D.C.  The documents concern U.S. governmental information and intelligence gathered regarding Cuban military intervention in Angola from the early 1970’s to the early 1990’s.  In closely analyzing these documents, I hope to track and consider United States’ interest in Cuban intervention chronologically, in an effort to present a concise academic summary of the documents and make them more accessible for future scholarship.

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Intersection of Terrestrial Viruses and Aquatic Hosts

Hi, all!

This summer, much like last summer, my goal is to understand microbial dynamics through simulation of an aquatic system.

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The beginning of an adventure

Yesterday was my birthday and my favorite gift was a journal from my mom. The cover reads, “And then I realized that adventure is the best way to learn.” I am very excited to use this journal to document my research, personal exploration, and adventures that will come both in Peru and in Williamsburg as I do this project.

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Abstract of The Invisible Scars of Racism


My name is Keaun Barrett and my study is titled: “The Invisible Scars of Racism: Understanding the effects of Overt and Covert Acts of Racism on African American Men at the College of William & Mary.”

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Abstract for Mobile Phones and Women’s Empowerment: A Field Experiment in Tanzania

I will be travelling to Tanzania this summer to work on the Center for African Development’s project, Mobile Phone Ownership and Women’s Empowerment. I will be working with Professor Philip Roessler, my fellow William & Mary student Catie Crowley, as well as students, faculty, and researchers at Brigham Young University and the Tanzanian research group REPOA. The goal of our project is as follows:

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