The beginning of an adventure

Yesterday was my birthday and my favorite gift was a journal from my mom. The cover reads, “And then I realized that adventure is the best way to learn.” I am very excited to use this journal to document my research, personal exploration, and adventures that will come both in Peru and in Williamsburg as I do this project.

My research will take place in the community of Andahuaylas, Peru. I was approached by a missionary there to teach first aid classes to community members. In order to best serve the community, I will be using the Health Beliefs Model to assess the community’s knowledge and belief in self-efficacy before I begin classes. I will spend about a week conducting interviews and going through this process. I will then spend the following week teaching the first aid class. I will tailor the lessons based on what I learn in the interviews. Finally, I will conduct interviews to see if the community feels better equipped to treat basic injuries and wounds. The goal of the study is to see if, and to what extent, I can teach the community members to be self confident in their ability to perform basic first aid.

I am excited for the adventures that are sure to follow and to learn a lot about myself and the research topic throughout the summer.

Andahuaylas, Peru