Week (1-2 remotely) and 3 in person summary

For the first two weeks of the Park Rx lab, I worked from home due to the later date of the move in for housing.

Over these two weeks, I worked on several tasks. The longest and most time consuming task was researching other park prescription programs across the country, and even a few internationally, and picking out the positives from those programs in order to apply some of their strengths to our program. I also looked at the most prevalent obstacles that these programs faced. Once compiling all of this information, I broke it down and categorized it into a powerpoint that I would later give my co-workers.

In my time working remotely, I also worked on starting a calendar that included all free outdoor events in Williamsburg over the summer and into the early fall. I lastly started looking at promotional as well as social media strategies used by other programs similar to ours.

During this first week of in person lab work, I gave my presentation on the positives and negatives of other Park Rx programs, and have also helped with reviewing and editing our website and the PDF files that have information on the public parks.


  1. This seems like a great idea. Would Rx be limited to only park time? or is there a possibility to allow it to extend to all outdoor events in general, such as some of the free outdoor events you may find in Williamsburg. For this project, is it more to combat the rising chronic obesity problem, or for other reasons to get people outdoors? If it is the former, what do you think of Rx for personal trainers or workout classes, perhaps offering prescribed individuals a discount for these services, as sometimes they can be a bit pricey?