Arriving in Perú

(Because of limited internet in Perú I wrote my journal/posts on paper, and am now typing what I wrote during the actual experience.)


Today I became an international traveler! The day started bright and early (well, actually dark and early because it was 4 am). Mom and I got to Richmond airport in time for my flight to Miami. Mom walked with me all the way to security, which I thought was kind of sweet and comforting for such a big trip ahead.

Both of my flights were smooth, and I landed in Lima safely. It’s pretty cool how you can just meet people from all sorts of backgrounds with all sorts of jobs and families and lives who all ended up exactly where you are doing something in common when you’re traveling.

The hotel I booked was in a kind of sketchy area, so I decided to not go out adventuring. Luckily my room has a large window with a great view, so I feel like I’m still experiencing a lot- just from a safer distance. I went up to the hotel roof to look around. The biggest immediate difference I noticed was the huge, huge, huge number of stray things roaming the streets. I have seen at least 10 stray dogs and a number of stray cats just waltzing around town. I also have seen a lot of stray children! For 11 pm there are a TON of unaccompanied toddlers and children playing in the streets and park. This is obviously a different country, with very different norms, and this is just the beginning of that.