GFP Trap, SDS Page, and Western Blots


It has been a month since I started my summer research. I took a brief vacation this past week but I am back and ready to resume my work in the lab.

I spent most of June learning the various procedures I need to successfully complete my project. I quickly learnt that the procedures themselves are not too complex, but they are long and require constant vigilance. One slip up could ruin a whole weeks worth of hard work, which nobody wants. After careful guidance from my mentor Dylan, I completed my first ever successful GFP trap. I have since done 3 more replicates to see if I could mirror old data to ensure my technique is spot on. All three were accurate and so my next move is to begin collecting new data.

I have begun a GFP trap with TR beta (rather than alpha) and am yet to run an SDS page gel on the samples. If there is an interaction, when I perform a western blot bands will appear indicating the interaction between the GFP tagged TRB and the antibody of choice.

It will be interesting to see how TR beta reacts. From my experience, TR beta doesn’t like to ‘behave’ as well as alpha, and results are often not as clean. However, I take this as a challenge to perfect my technique.