Robert Boyd: First Post

The first week of my internship, the semi constant rain kept me from getting too much outdoor footage. Also, much of my time was also taken up by my Spanish class. The class took up two hours Monday through Thursday, and also required numerous hours of studying outside of class. The result was that I had to get most of my hours of work in during the weekend.

Still, I was able to get some shots of a group of ducklings inhabiting a drainage ditch, a tamed squirrel eating human food, and a family of deer feeding around the Matoaka amphitheater. In addition, I used some footage I took this past fall of some cat fish from the Crim dell, as well as a seagull I fed by hand during my ornithology class.

While it is not shown in the video above, I was also able to gather footage of students playing Frisbee outdoors on the rain soaked sunken gardens. Needless to say there was a lot of slipping and falling. I also came to realized this first week, that I was less comfortable filming people than animals, since people give you weird looks. Animals give you weird looks too, but its not like the animals are going to cement your reputation as some sort of creepy camera man.

Overall though, it was a good first week.