Finding Your Low

You know at the beginning of “Bridesmaids” when Annie is talking to her mom and her mom says “you know what Annie? I think this is your low, and once you find your low, that means you can only go up.?”  Well that’s how I felt at the beginning of this week.  After trying countless times to clone my SUMO mutant into GFP (and failing) I felt like I must have hit rock bottom and it HAD to get better.  Unfortunately, I was wrong.

Well, about 45 minutes past the “rock bottom” scene in “Bridesmaids” Annie’s mom corrects herself and says “remember when we thought you hit bottom? Actually THIS is rock bottom.”  That is where I was today.  After a failed digest I started a midi prep of my SUMO mutant and GFP because I needed some more plasmid stock.  However, I ended up ruining my cultures half way through the prep.  So in that moment all I could think about was the fact that this was ACTUALLY my bottom.

Nevertheless, I am still being optimistic.  I began another overnight culture (thankfully I had kept my transformed plates) for the midi so I can do that tomorrow.  As for the clones, I’m going to try to clone my mutant into GFP again tomorrow (hopefully some minor adjustments will bring success).  So maybe tomorrow will be the day that everything works out!  I mean I can only go up from here, right?

Anyway, if I have learned anything from science it is that it may not love you as  much as you love it, but hey- love is a battlefield right?  Be persistent and know that hard work will pay off! I am not entirely sure how my hard work is going to pay off but I have faith that it will!  Hopefully my next post will have some more success!