Parks Rx: Weeks 4-5

Over weeks four and five of the Park Rx project, a lot of progress has been made. In this relatively short time period, we have gotten 3 doctors on board with the project, as well as launching a public website and finish editing our website for doctor’s use.

Our first doctor, Dr. Biernacki, is a leading family doctor at the local Sentara Health Care in New Town. He came in and we gave him a demo on how to give a park prescription, as well as gave him a number of prescription pads so that he could give them out to patients with information on local parks. We also gave him a few brochures to hand out to patients with information about park preparedness and safety. We also gave him a copy of a laminated information sheet to be used during the prescription process so that patients can look at and pick out activities that interest them in local parks. On my week off, two more doctors were called and talked to and agreed to participate in the program.

My specific roles during these weeks included: playing the doctor in our role play showing the ease and efficiency of the prescription process, making from scratch the preparedness and safety brochure, adding this information to our public website, helping construct the laminated info sheet, and edit our public and private websites.


Our public website is now live, though it is not yet in it’s final form. Here is the link:

I urge you all to go check it out!

– Tyler



  1. svcollins says:

    Hi again, Tyler! I really like how you’re making it easy for doctors to get on board with this program. We all know how insanely busy doctors are; at 8 minutes per patient, they probably wouldn’t have time to have an in-depth discussion about parks options and safety, so I love that you’ve made info sheets for them to give to patients.