The past seven weeks have been extremely productive and interesting.  I had no idea how quick the seven weeks would go, how I would hone my skills to be a productive member of the lab, and how I would make a dent in the project that I have been working on since January.  While my project is fickle, and the seven weeks flew by, I feel that I have learned extremely valuable and practical lab experience for my time left as an undergraduate and beyond.  Practical chemical knowledge is essential to being a chemist; drawing mechanisms in organic chemistry class is not the same as performing the reaction yourself.  I made mistakes this summer, there were ups and downs to my research, and I found out what it feels like to work full time.  I also had success in my project, had liquid nitrogen ice cream with the entire chemistry department, and enjoyed lab bonding activities.  I am excited to start the school year with more practical experience under my belt, but I am also excited to keep improving, and to keep learning, and to keep making mistakes, so that I can grow as a person and as a chemist.